Wow, almost a whole week with no posts. Time flies when you’re working hard on stuff. Had some interesting stuff this week. Been working on getting a project finished, and got that submitted today for review (on time! Yay!) , a nice little project to provide some water quality treatment for runoff to a sensitive stream. Also been playing WoW, and our raid group had a really good week. It was the first time we had 3 nights in a Karazhan timer, and we made the most of it, beating through Maiden of Virtue day one, beating the Big Bad Wolf event day two -our first time for the Opera event – and beating Curator day three! It was a great effort by everyone, even those not in our group. Thanks to everyone for all the effort and advice!

There are some good discussions over on the World of Warcraft Guild Relations forum. Sometimes I participate in them, especially the ones about raiding.  There are a lot of people who have their heads on straight, and it’s a great place for dialogue.  The rest of the forums are pretty much a wasteland about how awful the game is, but Guild Relations has people who are genuinely interested in sharing ways to help other people, and ways to deal with the multitude of issues that come up in large and small guilds.