I was going to repsond with a comment to Jay Jardine’s post about the end of the NASCAR Cup season, but figured I’d expand on it some and put it here (and hey, who doesn’t like putting content on their blog?).

Basically, I’m with him, I don’t know if anyone can get past the 1-2 of the senior Hendrick pair.  One thing they could do is ban Chad Knaus for life, tho.  How many times does he have to be suspended for rules infractions before they realize that he’s a serial cheater?  I’m sure that his car is out of spec in every race, and he just doesn’t get caught.

But other than that, you just have to admit that Gordon, and Johnson, are just so good.  They both have their head in the game, they both have teams clicking behind them.  I really don’t know if anyone’s gonna be able to sustain the performance it will take to overcome them, and really don’t know if either one will have that horrible day or two they’d need to come back to the field.

Jay mentions a couple other drivers.  Newman’s just a thug.  Either his car is great, and he is competitive, or he just sucks.  Hard.  And his preferred method of passing is ‘get out of my way’.  It takes a special talent to make Kurt Busch look like he’s got finesse, but his teammate manages it.  The Biff is going through that ‘Roush is too big to give good resources to all teams’ thing, like Jeff Burton did, like MacMurray is, like Kenseth did last year.

I’m a big Tony Stewart fan, and always spend the money to get him in a fantasy draft, but I just don’t think he can overcome Gordon and his clonebot.   I can hope, but it probably won’t happen.  Bowyer’s doing well with no pressure, and Hamlin’s getting used to it.

We’ll see how next year goes when everyone is focusing on the COT more.  But this year, I think they’re all gonna be watching #24 hoisting the trophy.