I got plenty ticked off when I read about this thing yesterday: The Chevy Tahoe Hybrid

The fact that ANYONE can think they’re doing the environment any favors when they drive a giant SUV unless they’re carrying around more than 2 people all the time drives me up a wall. And then there are the design choices for this vehicle, that really just burn me up.

First of all, the cheapest regular 2WD Tahoe comes with a 4.8l V8. The upgraded 4WD ones come with a 5.3l V8. So you’d think “Hey, we’re putting the electric motors on, we can go with less engine so combined power is the same.” Well, I’d think that, cause I’m not an idiot. But Chevy, they’re geniuses: they put in a 6.0L V8 that produces more power than either of the other engines. What a great idea!

And the net effect of the hybrid powertrain? It boosts gas mileage up to a whopping 21 mpg average. Wow! Thanks a lot, guys. You made your $50k vehicle get less mileage than I see on my decade old Civic with the world’s worst commute for economy (3 miles of stop and go).

I’ll admit it. I’m not a big fan of SUV’s in the first place. Especially leather-appointed living-rooms-on-wheels. These things NEVER go off-road. They rarely carry more than 1 person. They rarely tow anything. Most often, they’re driven around by moms who like to have a giant vehicle, for whatever stupid reason. And if you want to drive one, sure, you can, and I’ll continue to call you a freakin’ idiot. But the idea that they put out THIS as a hybrid, and it qualifies for tax breaks just cheeses me off. It’s not an ‘economy’ vehicle by any stretch of the imagination. And anyone who thinks they’re doing the environment a favor by driving one of these is a complete and utter idiot. You should be ashamed.

And Chevy should be ashamed for thinking that they’re producing something that’s ‘green’. The only thing green about it is the 50,000 dollars you’re spending, up to 15,000 more than a regular Tahoe. Chevy’s commercials about how environmentally friendly they are already tick me off (hydrogen isn’t environmentally friendly, Ethanol isn’t environmentally friendly, and giant ‘hybrids’ with 6L, 338 HP gas engines are NOT! environmentally friendly). If you want to help the environment, do something that would actually make a difference. A giant truck that gets 21 mpg is making a difference the wrong way.


Oh, I had to add: If you buy this thing, you can get a tax credit.  Thanks a bunch.  Stupid government.