First let me say this: If you’re lost on the road, drive like you’re not.  I realize the temptation to slow down, to turn erratically when you see your actual road, and to want to get back to that turn you missed is very high.  But don’t do that.  All you do is make the roads less safe for other people.

Look, we know you’re lost.  The stops, starts, excessive waits, half turns, swerves, the slow driving, all of it.  But the way to deal with that is to pull off somewhere and find out where you are.  Not look at maps and stuff while you’re driving, not swivel your head around and around, not paying attention to the road.  Not stop on a 2-lane road.  And if you are in a situation like that, just keep going.  How much more lost are you going to get going further down a two-lane road?  Zero, you just come back down that same road.

This comes up because in the past week, I’ve had encounters with two people who are obviously lost.   And while I can sympathize with someone not knowing where they are, that sympathy evaporates when they forget the number one thing they should be doing: driving.  So accept that you’re lost, look for a parking lot, and get in it to figure out where you’re going.

And NEVER stop in a traffic circle to make your turn.  Just go around again!