The racing season’s already begun (yay!).  As noted in the comments to the post from last year, Ryan Newman won the Daytona 500, and amazingly did it without shoving other people out of the way like he usually does.

I was disappointed that Stewart didn’t win, and thought he kinda gave it away, moving down to Kyle Busch, instead of staying high with the Penske cars.  It really seemed like Stewart was the ONLY person who could pass another car on his own at the end of the race, but unfortunately, he just didn’t get the break he needed.

Looks like a pretty good season coming up.  I was hoping Dario would do better, but it looked like Ganassi was just totally at-sea with their cars.  They performed badly all through Speedweeks, unlike their DP cars.

And now less than a month before the start of F1!  Hopefully the early testing Ferrari speed will continue through the season, and we won’t see McLaren at the front for the whole year.  I think they’re really going to be hurt, testing wise, losing Alonso, and I don’t think that Renault will have enough time with Alonso to have the car competitive enough at the beginning.  I also don’t think that Renault can be nearly the force at the front of the field without the Michelin tire advantage they had for their last two championships.  It was pretty obvious that Bridgestone let Ferrari down those two years, and now they’re letting everyone down equally!


I was going to repsond with a comment to Jay Jardine’s post about the end of the NASCAR Cup season, but figured I’d expand on it some and put it here (and hey, who doesn’t like putting content on their blog?).

Basically, I’m with him, I don’t know if anyone can get past the 1-2 of the senior Hendrick pair.  One thing they could do is ban Chad Knaus for life, tho.  How many times does he have to be suspended for rules infractions before they realize that he’s a serial cheater?  I’m sure that his car is out of spec in every race, and he just doesn’t get caught.

But other than that, you just have to admit that Gordon, and Johnson, are just so good.  They both have their head in the game, they both have teams clicking behind them.  I really don’t know if anyone’s gonna be able to sustain the performance it will take to overcome them, and really don’t know if either one will have that horrible day or two they’d need to come back to the field.

Jay mentions a couple other drivers.  Newman’s just a thug.  Either his car is great, and he is competitive, or he just sucks.  Hard.  And his preferred method of passing is ‘get out of my way’.  It takes a special talent to make Kurt Busch look like he’s got finesse, but his teammate manages it.  The Biff is going through that ‘Roush is too big to give good resources to all teams’ thing, like Jeff Burton did, like MacMurray is, like Kenseth did last year.

I’m a big Tony Stewart fan, and always spend the money to get him in a fantasy draft, but I just don’t think he can overcome Gordon and his clonebot.   I can hope, but it probably won’t happen.  Bowyer’s doing well with no pressure, and Hamlin’s getting used to it.

We’ll see how next year goes when everyone is focusing on the COT more.  But this year, I think they’re all gonna be watching #24 hoisting the trophy.

I like nearly all kinds of racing.  I can usually skip drag racing, but nearly everything else is fair game, from Formula One to Team Demolition Derby.  Included is NASCAR, specifically the NNCS and the NBS.

If you follow the Cup series, you know they’re currently rolling out (hehe) the Car of Tomorrow, or CoT.  This is a chassis that’s been in development for many years, and was primarily developed to enhance driver safety, with a larger cockpit area, a different driver location, stronger frame, and more crushable structure.  But it also has some other advantages.  It standardizes cars from all manufacturers, removing the complaints that ‘they have more downforce’ or ‘their car handles better’.  It has front and rear bumpers that match up, even under braking.  This means no more lifting the guy in front off the ground to spin him out.

So far, the CoT has raced at 3 places: Bristol, Martinsville, and Phoenix.  Two short tracks, and one mile track.  They’re going to be racing it at more locations, including the second Talledega plate race this year.  It’s not planned to be used at ALL races until 2009, tho.  And that’s one question: why keep switching back and forth?  Already, in the three shorter track races, the racing has been good.  And that’s what the only question really was with the car: Would it be entertaining to watch it race?

The answer is yes.  Sure, some teams seem to be farther along on development, but that’s true with the old cars.  But it does noone any good to keep switching back and forth for the next two seasons.  They should just switch to the CoT, and go with it.  If not for the rest of this year, at least for the start of next year and all races next year.